Fairisle Club 7

coming soon!

The Fairisle Club is a fun, limited edition knitalong which aims to improve your Fairisle knitting technique, whilst creating a beautiful Fairisle project. This is an exclusive club limited to the first 500 members!


Fairisle Club 7 will be open for booking in December.


The club will be supported by instructional videos covering in detail each of the sections that make up Fairisle Club 7. As each section and the corresponding videos are released in intervals, you will be able to knitalong with Marie at your own pace referring to the videos when you wish. Only Fairisle Club 7 members have access to these videos.


You will be invited to join the Fairisle Club 7 Facebook group. This will be a private group which only the Fairisle Club 7 members will have access to. In this group you will be able to chat with other members and receive help. For one hour each week, Marie will be available to answer any of your queries.


By joining Fairisle Club 7, you will be a member of the Fairisle Club and therefore able to buy the digital patterns of any of the previous projects.



Here are the previous club projects - remember that membership to the Fairisle Club also makes the previous projects available to buy too!

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