The FAIRISLE CLUB is a fun, limited edition, knitalong improving your fairisle technique, whilst creating a beautiful blanket.




This new blanket is inspired by Nordic and Scandinavian fairisle design and whole blanket uses just 11 colours of Rowan Felted Tweed. The blanket is made up of 10 sections, each worked off the other except for sections 1 and 2. These are knitted separately and are sewn together and then section 3 is knitted off the joined sections. This means that the only sewing up is this seam between sections 1 and 2.


Being Nordic inspired, the fairisle patterns are more graphic and combined with the contrasting colours make this blanket easier to knit than the Fairisle Club 1 blanket as the repeats are easier to follow.




Booking is now live and the club will be limited to 500 members only. The knitalong will start on the 1st November and will run for 10 months. Please note that the yarn is not included in the price of the membership.


The EMAIL and PRINTED OPTIONS are now sold out. There are still places available for the DIGITAL membership only.


Digital membership -  £87 no shipping


The new Digital membership is for the 10 digital patterns and the digital version of the HOW TO BOOKLET, including a link to the HOW TO fairisle video. Please note that the Fairisle Club 2 bag , folder and printed How To booklet cannot be added at a later date.



Sets of the 10 section patterns will be offered for sale at the end of the knitalong to EMAIL and DIGITAL members only.



The blanket uses Rowan Felted Tweed. The quantities below include and extra 10%.


Carbon 159       2 x 50g balls (73g)                            *Barn Red 196      4 x 50g balls (195g)

Stone 190          6 x 50g balls (263g)                          Celadon 184         2 x 50g balls (61g)

Ancient 172      4 x 50g balls (175g)                          Avocado 161         1 x 50g ball (22g)

Phantom 153   5 x 50g balls (211g)                          Ginger 154             1 x 50g ball (20g)

Camel 157         4 x 50g balls (198g)                          Cinnamon 175     3 x 50g balls (125g)

*Boulder 195   1 x 50g ball (32g)


* New colours for the season.


YARN KITS For UK customers, Laughing Hens has put some yarn kits together of all the Rowan Felted Tweed yarn and the needles you need to complete the blanket. They are also offering the yarn only as well. Both offers include a 10%  discount. For more information click on LAUGHING HENS YARN KIT and LAUGHING HENS YARN.


For US customers Knitting Off  Broadway and Got Yarn are offering yarn kits. For more information click on KNITTING OFF BROADWAY YARN KIT and GOT YARN YARN KIT.

Got Yarn is offering a 10% discount on any kits using Marie Wallin designs, use enter the coupon MarieLove at checkout.



Due to the difficulty in getting Rowan Felted Tweed in some areas, we recommend that Jamieson's of Shetland Spindrift can be used instead.


Slate 125                     3 x 25g balls (sub for FT Carbon 159)              Moorland 195                   8 x 25g balls (sub for FT Barn Red 196)

Lichen 1130               11 x 25g balls (sub for FT Stone 190)               Laurel 329                          3 x 25g balls (sub for FT Celadon 184)

Woodgreen 318        8 x 25g balls (sub for FT Ancient 172)             Granny Smith 1140        1 x 25g ball (sub for FT Avocado 161)

Birch 252                     9 x 25g balls (sub for FT Phantom 153)          Paprika 261                       1 x 25g ball (sub for FT Ginger 154)

Camel 141                   8 x 25g balls (sub for FT Camel 157)               Burnt Umber 1190         4 x 25g balls (sub for FT Cinnamon 175)

Steel 320                      2 x 25g balls (sub for FT Boulder 195)



The blanket measures 148cm wide x 170cm long.



3.25mm needles. If using circular needles then various cable lengths will be needed. Shorter ones for the early sections and larger ones for the later sections.


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